The creation of the Culkin Water District was authorized by a Local and Private Act of the Mississippi Legislature passed in 1956. The District was create as a public entity and was the first such District ever authorized by the Mississippi Legislature. Today, the Culkin Water District remains unique in Mississippi in its creation and operation.

Even though the District initially served a small rural community it now has grown into one of the largest water districts in the State of Mississippi. Through later Local and Private Acts, the Mississippi Legislature authorized the Culkin Water District to acquire other financially struggling water systems in Warren County and they have now become fully integrated into the Culkin system. Now the Culkin Water District not only serves between 10,000 and 12,000 Warren County residents, it also serves many businesses and industries as well as schools and Warren County’s only hospital.

The Culkin Water District initially had to purchase all of the water which it provided from the City of Vicksburg. In the 1990’s however, the District began drilling its own system of wells and built its own treatment plant. Even though the District still must purchase a small amount of the water it supplies from the City of Vicksburg, it is almost completely independent with plans to become totally independent within the next few years. The Culkin Water District is not only financially sound but continues to grow and provide quality and service to all of its customers.