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Latest Alerts


5/19/2017 Culkin Water District is experiencing low pressure in areas of our district. Please conserve water usage as much as possible.
5/22/2017 Due to continued excessive usage and pressure loss, Culkin Water District is issuing a system wide boil water alert effective until further notice.
5/23/2017 Culkin Water District staff has been and is working around the clock to restore water to those customers with low pressure or no water. The system is recovering slowly and we ask that all customers please conserve water as much as possible to expedite this process. Thank you for your patience.
5/23/2017 Culkin Water now has sufficient pressure in most of the District. There are a few areas that continue to have low pressure and even no water. Crews are working diligently to resolve these matters. If you do not have water please contact the office 601-636-9124, if you have not already done so. Thank you for your continued patience.
5/24/2017 We now have restored pressure to all areas of the district, and we are no longer requesting customers to conserve water. Culkin Water District customers are still under a system wide boil water notice. Water samples are being taken and we should know the results Thursday afternoon or Friday. Please call 601-636-9124 if you have no water or have low pressure. Thank you for your continued patience.
5/25/2017 The system wide boil water notice has been lifted. Thank you for your patience.